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All systems are highly CUSTOMIZABLE as per your specific needs.

We can help you digitize your business by deploying web technologies to your computer & phone for any number of users and scenarios.

  • Web Based Systems & Android Apps [ Online ]

Hotel, Bar & Lodging Accounting System

An all-in-one system developed for hotels, bars and accommodation industries. It allows shifts, accounting, sales, and human resource management among other functions. The system is hosted online 24/7. In use by M-Cubed Lounge & Accommodation, Jabreen Hotel


Advanced Sales, Accounting, Inventory & Logistics System

A sales & accounting system fully equipped with point of sale, financial reports, sales reports, logistics management & employee & client management among other functionalities. Comes with an Android App & Web System In use by: Salama Millers LTD, Loaine Grain Dealers, Midline Feeds.


Advanced Sales Agent Dispatch, AMS & IMS System

A sales & accounting system customized for bulk sales agent sales, receipting & invoicing plus inventory & production mangament. With this system, tracking of goods & expenses using unique batch numbers becomes easy as ABC. Comes with an Android App & Web System In use by: Pala Premium, Zidisha, Toma Millers LTD, Triple Peak LTD.


Bulk Printers AMS

An Accounting Management System optimized for order tracking, invoicing, payments, tax reports, wage management, client financial statements and many more accounting operations for Bulk Printers. In addition, the system allows integration with factory production. In use by: Johjam Printer LTD.


Property Mgmt. System

A property (rental housing) management system developed for property management agencies & landlords. Including auto-invoicing, tenant tracking, commission calculation, house occupancy maps and much more. The system is designed to make your workflow more efficient.


Employment Agency Mgmt. System

A management system optimized for employment agencies with employees abroad. Includes Broker tracking, Client tracking, Agency Employees functions, Expenses tracking & much more. In use by: Veronas International LTD.


Standard POS v1

A Point of Sale system customized for hardwares and electronics shop. With receipt sales, invoicing, inventory tracking plus; profit and loss statement. In use by: J&T Hardware.


Simple POS

A Point of Sale system customized for small shops and stores. Complete with P&L, Expenses and Sales Reports, Inventory Management, multi-user sales, expense management, debt management & 24/7 online access and mobile friendly. In use by: Subira Shop.


Standard POS v2

A Point of Sale system with integrated Barcode Scanning, Weight Tracking, receipt & invoice sales and IMS. One system designed to consolidate all sales processes. In use by: Salama General Stores, Smart-Farm Feeds, Base 2 Bar & Restaurant.


Bulk Printers IMS

An Inventory Management System designed to keep track of large scale production of VSE bags, waste mitigation, orders and report generation. In use by: Johjam Printer LTD.


Johjam Business Web.

Enhancing the presence of Johjam Business on the internet. VSE bag production has never been made more available to people around Kenya. Request quotes & more.


Salama Maize Millers LTD

Salama Millers LTD is a company dedicated to the production of Quality food for human and animal consumption. We have been in operation since 2007 and through this time, we have grown to provide a wide variety of productions in various categories.


Banderkheir Agri. Company

Banderkheir is an agricultural company started on 1st July 2014 with a vision to provide high quality, consistent produce to state-wide and regionally.


My Kinyozi Web App.

Your 21st Century legder. Digitize your barbershop by recording services sold from any device, producing receipts, summary reports and more anywhere, anytime.