Our Services

These are designed to cover your business needs, every step of the way

Web Development

Your internet presence depends on a resilitent website. One that is secure and extensible. That is the kind of website we develop.

Web Design

The design of modern responsive webistes is necessary for making a strong first impression to your potential clients.

SEO Management

Making sure that your website is visible through search engines is a necessity because, a majority of all internet users look there first.


Tired of broken links and a website that crashes often? You are bugged! We can exterminate the bugs and give you a resilient website.

Database Services

Get structured database designs and implementation in SQL, the most popular and adaptable database programming language.

Backup and Recovery

Worried you data may get lost... or have you just lost it? We got you covered with modern data backup and recovery tool for all computers.


Protect your data from theft, corruption and hackers using encryption techniques and anti-malware programs that give you all rounded security.


Do you have a lot of repetitive data that is taking a lot of space on your computer? Let us handle that, leave you with what you need.

App Development

Need a software (app) uniquely developed to cover your needs? Get in touch with us for Adnroid, Windows, IoS, MacOS & Linux Software.

App Design

Need to upgrade your current application design to match modern interfaces? This is the right service for you, and your business.

Install or Uninstall

Software installation can be hectic, more so when unfarmilirity creeps in. We handle new, running and uncomissed software on any platform.


This package covers you if you have software that keeps on crashing every now and then, is unresponsive or just won't function. We fix it.


Have us assemble your hardware new or old hardware parts into fully operational computers or peripheral devices, with guaranteed maintenance.


Just purchased new hardware, or you are moving your old hardware? Contact us to make the installations in the right fashion for you; avoid misups.


If you have broken your piece of hardware, we can fix it if we take a proper look at it - or recommend the best way forward saving costs for you.


Regular hardware checks and repairs ensure that your machines are running at full potential thus increasing potential for your business, and avoiding downtime.

Network Design

The basis of any infrastructure is design; with a proper design cost, space and time efficiency is designed. We make designs that are modern & appealing economically.

Network Installation

Network installation is a delicate process that in the long term determines all communications within your organization. Installation has to be done carefully.

Network Security

Network security has become paramount to protect your data from hackers & possible loss. With our tools, we ensure your network is secure from such threats.

Repair and Maintenance

Having security, efficiency or effectiveness problems with your network? Have us investigate and solve emerging and existing issues with your network.

Why Us?

Because, we not only deliver what you asked for but also keep tabs to make sure the service we provide you, serves you best.

Our Pricing Plans

These are our subscription prices per category

Web Development

KSh. 3,499 / month

  • Data Driven Website
  • Tech Support 24/7
  • Domain Name [.com/.co.ke/.ac.ke]
  • Corporate Email Addresses
  • Free SSL Certificate

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Data Services

Ksh. 1,999 /month 10GB

  • Daily Online Backup
  • Tech Support 24/7
  • Data Recovery
  • Guided Restoration
  • Data Organization

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Software Development

Ksh. 3,999 / month

  • Cross Platform Software
  • Tech Support 24/7
  • Monthly Updates
  • Modern Designs
  • Installation and Uninstallation

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Hardware & Networking

Ksh. 3,799 / month

  • On Call 24/7
  • Monthly Security Checks
  • Quaterly Maintenance
  • Installation & Uninstallation
  • Exc. hardware purchase costs

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